Other Programs


       Gowthami Foundation addressed “World Health Day” by organizing an annual cultural program on 10th April 2011. Health massages were disseminated through various cultural activities. Hundreds of children actively participated in the program and enjoyed to the fullest.


       The World TB Day was observed on 24th March every year, nursing students, health workers, PHC staffs, NGOs, RNTCP staffs etc were the participants in public rally and contributed in creating awareness.


        Awareness on HIV/AIDS among adolescents, youth and adults is necessary due to pre-existing conditions in the area where the organization being operated. Observed WAD and creating awareness through public rallies and meetings in line with NACO/APSACS guidance.


       1st July is celebrated as doctor’s day across India to honour the legendary physicians and create awareness on importance of the doctors day. Presented the role between Doctor and HIV infected and affected people, Felicitate Doctors [Best Services Providers], 525 members witnessed the program.


       Gowthami Foundation mandate to support faster progress towards gender equality is thus both morally right, and makes political and economic sense. Organized public rallies, meetings and different competition and distribution of prizes to the winners (1200 members participated).


        Without Science there is no development. Keeping this point in view GES has celebrated the Science Day on 2nd Feb 2009 on a grand scale. We conducted quiz competitions and essay writing competitions in 10 High schools in Tangutur and Ongole Mandals on this occasion. Science teachers delivered a valuable message on the occasion. We also conduct science exhibition by the students on that day.


        Government is providing equal opportunities even to the physically challenged. They are given many opportunities and reservations in Educational institutions and jobs. Some people are not in the know of all the welfare schemes and provisions. So GES conducted awareness campaign in Tangutur, Kothapatnam and Zarugumalli mandals and brought all the physically handicapped people on to the common platform and informed them the welfare measures taken by the govt.

        The organization celebrated world water day on 22nd march. On this occasion we organized a rally and conducted a meeting with formers and villagers. We taught the formers about the great significance of water. We gave a valuable message regarding the storage of water in the ground by digging water absorption pits and by constructing check dams. The main theme of this meeting is to raise water level in the ground.
        One should not be a spend thrift. Every one should learn to save money then only our country will be strong economically. As a part of World Thrift Day celebrations we organized a Rally and distributed pamphlets to convey the message of saving. In kothapatnam, Zarugumalli and Tangutur Mandals. We also conducted public meetings in the above mentioned mandals to spread the message. And there was a positive response from the public.
SEX WORKERS DAY (3rd March):
        Large  gathering of (860) Female Sex Workers who are in this  project and arranged a conference on their problems and rights. It is mainly organized for the awareness of their rights. The district Civil Judge Sri G. Ramgopal was the chief guest for the conference. After the conference, the nutrition’s food was given to 17 HIV positive victims.


Road traffic injuries are a major but neglected public health challenge that requires intensive efforts for effective and sustainable prevention. Road traffic systems are one of the most complex and dangerous systems with which people have to deal every day. The project being implemented with objectives to reach out to Government, media, corporate and community to solicit their support to prevent colossal waste of human life on Indian roads as India holds the dubious distinction of highest road crash fatalities, to work as a pressure group to create political will and help improve road safety situation, sensitize masses by raising awareness about road traffic injuries, their grave consequences and thus build community involvement around the issue of road safety, develop cost effective road safety programs to increase knowledge, awareness and skills amongst the Indian road users, to change the attitudes and behaviour of drivers by creating peoples movement for safe behaviour and promote a positive attitude towards enforcement laws and infuse sense of courtesy and concern among road users

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