To contribute to sixth millennium Development Goal, Gowthami Foundation has implementing STI/HIV/AIDS Targeted Intervention project for Female Sex Workers to prevent HIV transmission with support of Andhra Pradesh State AIDS Control Society. Objectives of project is to sustain and proper use of Condoms, to mobilize the community for development community participation, to reduce the vulnerability of HIV infection among the FSWs through awareness generation, to reduce STI/STD among targeted population and to create an enabling environment to mitigate the impact of HIV/AIDS on FSW. As per the guidelines of NACO and APSACS, project is being implemented with a clear laid down strategies i.e. Outreach communication, Health Services, Condom Promotion, Care & Support to PLHA, Enabling  Environment and Community mobilization. Around 2000 Female Sex Workers availed project services. The organization has provided HIV/AIDS prevention services and products to the MSM/TG, IDUs and Migrant population apart from clients of Female Sex Workers.

           Prakasam District accounts for more number of migrates labors, tobacco processing labor and fisher folk suffering with HIV/AIDS. Deaths due to HIV/AIDS are accounted in tobacco processing units. Fisher folk and migrate labour. The villages on the national high way are the focal points of flesh trade with a very high incidence of HIV/AIDS. Mostly children in the age group of 12 years are entering into the business without any knowledge of consequences, unfortunately with the acceptance of them families due to failure of crops and ram part poverty conditions. Fisher folk along the coastal line also account for every high percentage of HIV incidences due to migration in search of livelihood. Stigma and discrimination is also high in the villages.


  • Development of the outreach plans according to Micro planning.

  • Develop the system of Monitoring at ORWs level. Planning for the weekly, monthly, quarterly, half yearly and annually wise programs and as well as the Action plan with planning.

  • Establishment and strengthening of Referral system – All Target Group must attend quarterly once for Regular Medical Checkup, yearly twice for HIV testing at ICTC and STD screening and treatment through referrals.

  • Increasing usage of Social Marketing of Female Condoms.

Key highlights (Achievements):

  • Applied outreach Tools to reach the target group, increased active involvement of FSW-CBO for mobilization of target group;

  • Developed own BCC materials and also using BCC materials supplied by the SACS to provide behaviour change communication messages and information;

  • Risk reduced from high volume to low volume through 18031 one to one sessions, 562 one to group sessions, exhibitions and IEC stalls;

  • Conducted 54 meetings with target group and provided training and review meeting to peer educators.

  • Increased health seeking behaviour and accessing and availing government services;

  • Counseling was given to all STD cases on Project funding and 75 self and Govt. cases also taken counseling.

  • Referred 858 cases to ICTCs for HIV testing.

  • Provided STD treatment for 75 cases, 48 cases got treatment through project funding and   27 at govt. and self treatment.

  • Distributed 4, 59,577 free condoms, distributed 3000 social marketing Female Condoms.

  • Care & Support for HIV/AIDS positive children project was implemented with support from Clinton Foundation (vide Rc. No32/AP Dated 26/06/2007).

  • Nearly 825 positives children are there in our Prakasam District. We have picked up 125 such positive children in our target area and the treatment is given to them with the help of CLINTON Foundation. These children are given Psycho social support, Nutrition Support and travel Support. Out of these 125 Children 61 children are eligible to ART treatment, to our surprise CD4 count level has increased for all the 61 children. This is a break through to our organization.

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