The major contribution for development of Indian economy is Agriculture. Most of the rural communities are dependent on agriculture related activities and is also means of livelihood to half of the population in India.

Farmers are not able to produce desired quantity and quality products due to lack of awareness on quality seeds and misdeeds of venders which shows a very high impact on production.

By identifying this gap we focused to increase the knowledge levels among the farmers and the people who are dependent of agriculture on quality seeds, misdeeds of venders and importance of organic farming through various programs.

Natural Resource Management Program:

In coordination with District Educational office we organized “NATIONAL GREEN CORPS” Program in High Schools and also as a part of this program we conducted Drawing, Debate and Essay competitions and distributed prizes to encourage all the school children.

Organic Farming/ Vermin Compost:

In co-operation with Agricultural department, we organized an awareness campaign on Vermin compost in the villages of Andhra Pradesh.

Tree Festival:

In collaboration with Forest Department we organized a unique program “TREE FESTIVAL” which is a program of plantation of trees in the villages. As a part of this program we generated awareness on the importance of plants among all the villagers.

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