Art and Culture

India the colorful and vibrant land is as diverse as its people. The mosaic of art and culture, the potpourri of tradition, it stands as one of the oldest living civilization. A treasure of art and culture is just not a land but the storehouse of beauty, dream, tradition and verve. Gowthami Foundation has initiated activities to protect the culture.

Promotion of Culture:

Since inception our organization committed to promote and protect the culture by educating the children/youth and also by including in all the programs. We adopted local traditional & cultural arts to create awareness to the people on various developmental issues through IEC. Our organization is having our own cultural team.

Strengthening of Culture & Values: 

Conferences, seminars on strengthening culture and values were organized in primary schools and distributed IEC material such as pamphlets, posters, flashcards, banners and many more which were developed by our organization in order to inculcate the values among the students followed by displaying Wall posters and banners at all the villages, by this our organization gained community involvement and participation in this aspect.

Stages involved in the Programme implementation: 

  • Inter school cultural activities at School level (Competitions, such as elocution, debate, sports and painting).
  • Organizing Camps and workshops on various themes such as literacy, national integration, population education and social awareness etc.

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