Gowthami Foundation since its inception has focused on improving the health of the people by implementing projects such as Indian Systems of Medicine and Homoeopathy and increased awareness levels and facilitated to the people to access and avail government services. The organization also emphasized for fulfillment of fifth millennium development goal of improving maternal health. A house to house basis awareness and counseling services provided to the needy communities. Some of the activities but not limited to improve quality of primary, secondary and tertiary care in ISM&H; invest in human resource development for ISM&H so that there is a marked improvement in the quality of services provided by these practitioners; preserve and promote cultivation of medicinal herbs and plants; complete the Pharmacopoeia for all systems of ISM&H; drawing up a list of essential drugs belonging to these systems and Encourage Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and ensure quality control of drugs.

Awareness Programme On Indian System Of Medicine & Homeopathy (ISM &H):

           Homeopathy is more effective than the modern system of medicines. Homeopathy cost effective and are commonly available at common man’s door steps. Keeping this in view Gowthami Educational Society implementing the scheme to create awareness among the community about the efficacy of ISM&H, their cost, effectiveness  the availability herbs used for prevention  and treatment of common ailments  which are reality available and  the techniques for growing such herbs and other medical plants and to make  treatment available to common man’s door steps to achieve the objective of health for all by conducting,organizing health awareness at mandal level SHG meetings,Schools,Colleges & General Public at Tangutur,Kothapatnam,Ongole,Zarugumalli and Maddipadu Mandals of Prakasam District.

Medical Camps:

          In India 70% of the population belong to ordinary middle class. These people are leading their lives without fulfilling their common needs like food, cloths, shelter and health. Keeping the needs of those people our Society conducting medical camps at K.Bitragunta of Zarugumalli mandal and Karumanchi, Alakurapadu of Tangutur mandals to provide free medical services for the poor, needy and neglected. Our society accommodated qualified Doctors N.Pushpa Devi M.B.B.S and provided free medicines to 462 patients.

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