All round development of the child is the main motto of education. But in recent times with the advent of convent culture the children are much burdened with academic information and less scope have been given to extra-curricular activities and moral instruction. Now a days teaching has become a stereotypical, which erodes logical thinking and innovation. Apart from this the primary education has become costly affair and it is not within the reach of poor people.


                So to supersede all these lacunae our organization established Elementary and Secondary school by name “ Siddhartha Elementary and Secondary School ”  and Primary School by name “ Little Star Public School ”  in the year 1985. In the Primary School the teaching is being imparted through play-way technique. There are 762 students in our Elementary and Secondary School and 125 children in our Primary School. In these schools we also provided free education to the 172 children belongs to below poverty line in these schools. These schools were successfully maintained up to the year 2011.


                We identified many of the children in the age group between  6- 14 years belonging to below poverty line are out of school and are interested on education and doesn’t have any financial support from parents in the tribal areas. To support their education our organization established non- formal education centers in the tribal areas by providing basic needs like books, cloths and even food for these children at free of cost. This program was implemented from the year 1994 to 2003 , by this program 12486 out of school children were benefited. later we motivated their parents and made them to realize on the importance of education and convinced them to support for their children education by sending them to schools and also we took measures so that there may not be any dropouts as a part of it we formed monitoring committees to take of this children even after the completion of the program.

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